• Still Standing – The Gospel Plowboys

    Since 2012 The Gospel Plowboys have been dedicated to sharing the message of Jesus Christ through song. Based in Concord, North Carolina, the group's fourth album, Still Standing, features mostly original material with a couple of traditional favorites sprinkled in. The first two

  • Just A Little Talk With Myself – Steven Moore

    Steven Moore has won multiple championships for his prowess on the five string banjo and is currently a member of The David Mayfield Parade. His debut solo project, Just A Little Talk With Myself, displays Moore's broad abilities as an instrumentalist, composer

  • Lonesome – Hillbilly Fever

    Hillbilly Fever is a band I first became acquainted with during my brief career as a booking agent. When I began a working relationship with the group, they were in the early stages of their journey, figuring out who they

  • Snow White Memories – Irene Kelley

    Unlike the title of the album and the cover photo suggests, Snow White Memories from singer/songwriter Irene Kelley is not a holiday album, but a contemporary bluegrass recording filled with gorgeous original material from start to finish. The opening track, Wild Mountain Stream, contains lots

  • Lowdown Hoedown – Jason Carter

    Bluegrass is one of the few musical genres where sidemen receive recognition amongst its fanbase. From its earliest years, enthusiasts revered the playing of supporting musicians such as Paul Warren, Josh Graves, and George Shuffler among others. In modern times,

  • Timeless – The Burnett Sisters Band

    The Burnett Sisters from Boone, North Carolina are not easy to categorize in terms of a genre. Everything they do is within the acoustic realm of course, but it ranges from bluegrass and western swing, to gospel and even old-time

  • The Road Not Taken – Darren Beachley

    Darren Beachley is a recognizable force in bluegrass music. Known for his years as a member of Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, as well as his leadership of the all star band, Darren Beachley & The Legends of the Potomac, The Road

  • Backs to My Roots – Sequoia Rose

    Sequoia Rose is known to the bluegrass community as an award-winning mandolinist and a former member of The James King Band. His latest release, Back To My Roots, is a blend between traditional sounds and more progressive musical ideas. The bulk of the