• Nervous Energy – Andy Lowe

    Since the release of his first solo effort, Motley, North Carolina banjoist Andy Lowe has performed as a member of the Deer Creek Boys and was crowned the bluegrass banjo champion at the 2022 Galax Old Time Fiddler's Convention. On his latest

  • Making The Connection – Roxboro Connection

    Throughout its history, bluegrass music has spawned several bands consisting of seasoned musicians that apprenticed with some of the genre's greatest talent. One of the latest is Roxboro Connection. Made up of veteran sidemen - Ricky Stroud on mandolin, David

  • Hometown Holiday – Darin & Brooke Aldridge

    No matter what genre of music it is, holiday albums tend to fall into one of two categories. They're either a collection of holiday standards, or all original material specifically focused on the celebratory and biblical significance of the season. Hometown

  • Whispers in the Wind – Lindley Creek

    Lindley Creek gained a lot of momentum after the release of their debut project, Freedom, Love and the Open Road, in 2020. The family band's sophomore effort, Whispers In The Wind, once again shows us their strong vocals and keen ability for selecting

  • Why Live Without – Cup O’Joe

    Unique is a word that often gets thrown around loosely when discussing music. It's generally used as part of a hyperbolic description rarely fitting the artist in question. Cup O'Joe, on the other hand, is an ensemble that fully embodies

  • All I Need – Kenny & Amanda Smith

    Kenny and Amanda Smith have been one of bluegrass music's most beloved duos since their debut release, Slowly But Surely, in 2001. It's very easy to see why. Not only does the couple have undeniable personal and musical chemistry, but they've always

  • Rhinestone Revival – Kody Norris Show

    Whether you see The Kody Norris Show live on stage or hear them on recordings, there's no question as to what you're experiencing. Kody and his three bandmates pay homage to the traditional bluegrass masters, while also maintaining a strong