• Bill Evans – The Banjo In America

    The banjo has lengthy origins dating all the way back to the 1870s. Since the 1990s, banjoist Bill Evans has concisely presented this history in a solo performance titled The Banjo In America, giving audiences a taste of numerous banjo

  • Tennessee Moon – Mark Whitt

    Ohio native Mark Whitt specializes in the sounds of traditional bluegrass music. It's reflected in all of his studio projects, especially his latest, Tennessee Moon. Though all the material on Tennessee Moon utilizes full band arrangements, there are only three musicians

  • Timeless – Magnolia Drive

    Magnolia Drive has been entertaining audiences around the Southeast and Midwest for over ten years. Their sophomore release, Timeless, from Mountain Fever Records, demonstrates the traditional, yet slightly contemporary sound the band has become recognized for. This Mississippi-based group consists of the same

  • Extrovert – Mr. Sun

    Mr. Sun is a band whose music could best be described as a potpourri. The quartet consisting of fiddler Darol Anger, mandolinist Joe K. Walsh, guitarist Grant Gordy, and bassist Aidan O’Donnell, presents a mixture of everything from jazz, bluegrass,

  • DobroSinger – Abbie Gardner

    It's not typical for a dobro player to sing lead, especially when the musician in question is a soloist. However, that is exactly what Abbie Gardner of the Americana trio Red Molly has done on her latest solo effort, DobroSinger.

  • Hair & Hide – George Jackson

    The combination of the fiddle and the banjo is one of the world's oldest musical traditions, dating back before the beginning of the Civil War. On Hair & Hide, fiddler George Jackson digs deeper into this tradition by presenting a