Remembering Earl Scruggs – share your thoughts

Given the popularity of the many touching tributes to Earl Scruggs we have published this past week (with more to come), it seemed fitting that we give Bluegrass Today readers a chance to weigh in as well. Those that knew him well have shared their direct experiences with Earl, but we know that his millions of fans and admirers also have stories to tell.

You are all invited to contribute your own thoughts, be they simple words of condolence, personal anecdotes or remembrances, or more detailed observations about how Earl and his banjo have shaped your own musical journey. All these are part of the history of the man who changed the banjo, and we hope that you will add them to the record.

Simply submit your thoughts in the Leave a Reply box below, and it will be shared with everyone in the Bluegrass Today community. Especially poignant or memorable contributions may be “graduated” to the front page, or combined with others for separate posting.

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We are also pulling together a gallery of personal photos involving Earl Scruggs, and we invite you to contact us about offering those for submission as well.

Go ahead – tell us what you think!