2024 Bluegrass Today Media Kit and Rate Cards

Thank you for your interest in advertising in Bluegrass Today. The links below provide instant access to our current media-kit, ad packages and terms of service agreement. All files are PDF format.

2024 Business Professional & Event Advertising Packages

Advertising Terms & Agreement



Q: How much does it cost to advertise in Bluegrass Today?
A: That’s up to you! We offer numerous ad packages to suit every budget and campaign requirement. Packages start at just $499.00 and can be found in the media-kit linked above for immediate download.

Q: How many visitors do you have?
A: That number is climbing annually, but at present, we have roughly 1.7 million visitors annually generating approximately 5 million page views.

Q: Can you design my banners?
A: Yes. We have an art department and will help you build your campaign. We offer a package for $99.95 that provides 3 banners and one full set of revisions. After that, rates are $100.00 per hour.

Q: Can I supply my own banners?
A: Absolutely. You will find a complete set of sizes and specifications in our media kit.

Q: How do I know my ads are being seen?
A: You will receive weekly stats reports detailing impressions and CTR’s (click thru rate).

Q: How does your click-thru rate compare with the national average?
A: Bluegrass Today’s average CTR during 2023 was nearly 3 times higher than the national average.

Q: How are my banners delivered and what options are available?
A: Our banner server uses highly complex algorithms to deliver your campaign over the period of time you specify. Banner delivery can be customized to your needs. Call our advertising department to learn more about the various options we provide.

Q: Can I geo-target delivery of my banner ads to a specific region or radius?
A: Absolutely. We offer full geo-targeting delivery of banner ads to individual states or within a given radius, but we strongly advise against targeting too small of an area.