Bluegrass Today Weekly Airplay Chart

Posted August 26, 2016
Reflects actual airplay logged for the current period.

Title (Label)
TW LW 2W Total
2 5 1 Irene Kelley
Carolina Wind (Mountain Fever)
Milan Miller, Thomm Jutz, Irene Kelley
256 207 283 746
R 8 2 Earl's of Leiscter
The Train That Carried My Girl From Town (Rounder)
Doc Watson
194 196 390
15 *30 3 Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers
All Dressed Up (Rebel)
Jerry Salley
181 111 184 476
12 6 4 Kenny & Amanda Smith Band
You Know That I Would (Farm Boy Records)
Ed Williams
172 203 192 567
18 R 5 Junior Sisk & Ramblers Choice
Longneck Blues (Mountain Fever)
Mike O’Reilly
169 176 345
D 6 Irene Kelley
Before You Call Me Home (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Carlton Moody
167 167
17 14 7 Flatt Lonesome
Runaway Train (Mountain Home)
Kacey Chambers, Steven Mark Werchon
166 175 177 518
R 20 8 Irene Kelley
Johnson's Hardware Store (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Ronnie Bowman
162 154 316
19 1 9 Trinity River Band
Come Back Train (Orange Blossom Records)
Jerry Salley, Cassidy Lynn Alexander
155 337 171 663
D 10 Irene Kelley
Up In Those Blueridge Mountains (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Peter Cooper
154 154
R 11 Kristy Cox
Little White Whiskey Lies (Mountain Home)
Tammy Rogers, Jerry Salley
152 152
D 12 Irene Kelley
Lester's Song (These Are the Eyes) (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Sara Jean Kelley
149 149
D 13 Josh Williams
Girl From The Canyon (Rounder)
Jonathan Edwards
148 148
24 27 14 Special Consensus
Long I Ride (Compass)
Robbie Fulks
146 129 163 438
R 15 The SteelDrivers
Long Way Down (Rounder)
Tammy Rogers, Liz Hengber, Jerry Salley
145 145
R 16 Irene Kelley
Leanin' on the Good Times (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Jon Weisberger
144 144
D 17 Irene Kelley
These Hills (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Jon Weisberger
143 143
21 17 *18 Donna Ulisse
Hard Cry Moon (Hadley Music Group)
Donna Ulisse, Richard Stanley
142 165 167 474
D *18 Irene Kelley
Coal Train (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Thomm Jutz, Milan Miller
142 142
11 R 19 Newtown
All That I Can Take (Mountain Home)
Andy Thorn, John E. Buck
141 199 340
D 20 Irene Kelley
Fallin' Anyway (Mountain Fever)
Irene Kelley, Thomm Jutz, Milan Miller
140 140

The Bluegrass Today Chart

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* Tie (note: ties are sorted alphabetically by artist)
D = Debut             TW= This Week          LW= Last Week
R = Reentry          2W= Two Weeks Ago

  Updated August 26, 2016


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