• Bluegrass Battle available online

    Here's some bluegrass fun from The Wortman Brothers of Germany. They have devised a computer game featuring themselves using MIT's Scratch programming language. The object of Bluegrass Battle is to maneuver the two bluegrass musicians, representing the Wortmanns, to safety. Game play involves

  • La La La La Lah from The Wortmann Brothers

    Here's a somber sounding new video from Germany. It's a new release from The Wortmann Brothers, featuring Ulrich Wortmann on banjo and vocals.   Watching the video for the first time, with its gray, gritty industrial scenes and lonesome banjo accompaniment, I thought

  • Traditional bluegrass in German

    It is becoming more and more common for bluegrass artists in non-English speaking parts of the world to write and sing songs in their native tongues. In the earliest days of bluegrass reaching beyond North America, most students of the music