• Friday night at the Woodbine Opry

    We are on our annual trip to Jekyll Island. One of the highlights of the trip each year is a visit to the Woodbine Opry on a Friday night. This year's visit found us there on the final Friday of

  • 22nd year for The Woodbine Opry

    We made our annual visit to The Woodbine Opry in Georgia this past Friday evening for the first show of their 22nd year. They have done more than thousand shows in 21 years! This effort is completely supported by donations. Bill Garlen

  • Bluegrass at The Woodbine Opry

    Following bluegrass festivals around the country can take one to interesting places. One such place is the Woodbine Opry in Woodbine, Georgia. We “discovered” the Opry in 2015 and have made it an annual stop. The Woodbine Opry is open on

  • Woodbine Opry in Georgia

    While many in the bluegrass world were in Nashville taking in the events at SPBGMA, small local venues were continuing their shows. One such venue is the Woodbine Opry. The Woodbine Opry is located in Woodbine, Georgia north of Jacksonville, Florida. The Opry