• Winfield update

    We posted twice over the weekend with news about how Hurricane Ike and its aftermath has affected the big Walnut Valley Festival scheduled to start tomorrow (9/17) in Winfield, KS. Local officials closed the campground on Friday, forcing early campers to

  • More from Winfield

    High water and bad weather will not stop the 2008 Walnut Valley Festival from starting this coming Wednesday (9/17). So say festival organizers in the face of a mandatory evacuation of the campground this past Friday. Their most recent press release

  • Ike bears down on Winfield

    The storm surge from Hurricane Ike is already causing problems in coastal Texas, and now wreaking havoc for people planning to camp out early in Winfield. The Walnut Valley Festival isn't scheduled to begin until next Wednesday (9/17), and the Winfield

  • Winfield winners list posted

    The list of winners from the Walnut Valley Festival in Winfield, KS has been posted on the festival's web site, but finding them is a tiny bit counterintuitive. Once you get to their site, click on "Contests" in the sidebar,

  • Winfield photos on Flatpicking Guitar site

    The folks at Flatpicking Guitar Magazine have posted a nice photo gallery from the 35th Annual National Flatpicking Guitar Championship, recently concluded in Winfield, KS. They have three pages of photos, taken during the competition itself, and from the warm-up