• You’ll Never Know video from Windy Hill

    West coast trad grassers Windy Hill are promoting their fourth album, Live from The Ratz Nest, with a home-style video of one of the tracks. The San Francisco quintet specializes in original bluegrass in a 1950s and '60s style. Ryan Breen

  • Lonesome Garbage Man – Windy Hill

    At a time when so much of the energy in and around bluegrass seems to be centered on envelope-pushing and stylistic redefinitions, it is refreshing to find a young band dedicated to writing and recording in the old time way. Even

  • Anderson Family and Windy Hill

    There’s gold in them thar hills! I don’t know if that’s ever really been said, but it came true last Saturday night in Grass Valley, California, when the Anderson Family Bluegrass Band invited Menlo Park, CA-based Windy Hill to come

  • Windy Hill – Let’s Go To The Fair

    I have on several occasions bemoaned the difficulty of trying to give a fair listen to all the new projects that appear in our mailbox, or increasingly, via digital press distribution. Plain fairness, and sound news judgement, requires that I