• I’ll Go With You video from Williamson Branch

    Pinecastle Records has a new music video for Williamson Branch, one of the tracks on their current record, Classy, Sassy, Bluegrassy. This family band from Tennessee does all the important things right, both large and small, from their clever original songs

  • New Gospel video from Williamson Branch

    While states are slowly reopening across the US, a return to live music performances and festivals can't be far behind. Most bands, however, will need to do some woodsheddin', since they won't have played together for several weeks when the

  • Blue Moon Over Texas from Williamson Branch

    When you think of the things we love about bluegrass music, youthful energy, experienced performers, and family harmony are certainly there near the top of the list. And you get all three from Williamson Branch, a group featuring veteran grasser

  • Old Man Hoback’s Farm video from Williamson Branch

    Pinecastle Records has released a new music video from Williamson Branch, featuring the second track on their current release, Free. This talented family band consists of bluegrass veteran Kevin Williamson, along with his wife, Debbie, and their three daughters, Melody, Kadence,

  • Free – Williamson Branch

    One of the most underrated female vocalists in bluegrass music today, hands down, is Melody Williamson of Nashville-based family band Williamson Branch. She’s been around the bluegrass world for years, performing on stage with her parents as a kid, showcasing

  • The ladies shine in Rye Bar lunch showcase

    While the Momentum Awards luncheon was going on this morning, I took the opportunity to slip over to the Marriott Hotel lobby for an unofficial showcase sponsored by Lorraine Jordan and True Grass. It featured several young bands that I

  • Free video from Williamson Branch

    No... it's not a free video. Aren't they all free? It's the Free video. The music video for the latest single from Williamson Branch, Free! It was written by guitarist Kevin Williamson and his eldest daughter, Melody, who is also the

  • Anthony Howell to Williamson Branch

    Williamson Branch, the family band consisting of bluegrass veterans Kevin and Debbie Williamson and their three daughters, has announced the addition of Anthony Howell to the group. The 18-year old, recent high school graduate will play banjo, mandolin, and 3-finger