• Land video released from Unspoken Tradition

    Mountain Home Music has released a music video to accompany the new single from western North Carolina's Unspoken Tradition. Land is written and sung by the Tradition's guitarist, Audie McGinnis, who says that he is recalling the classic home truth that you

  • Unspoken Tradition to Mountain Home Music

    Mountain Home Music Company has announced the signing of Unspoken Tradition to the label. Based in western North Carolina, the band specializes in original bluegrass music, and impressed the folks at Mountain Home with their two prior self-produced projects. They have

  • Miles Between – Unspoken Tradition

    Miles Between is the second release from Unspoken Tradition, who describe themselves as a working class bluegrass band from North Carolina's western Piedmont. Like their first album, Simple Little Town, this one offers a blend of original material written within

  • The Bullet video from Unspoken Tradition

    North Carolina's Unspoken Tradition has dropped a first video from their latest album, Miles Between. The song and the video for The Bullet are thoughtful and provocative, with the projectile itself narrating a story of how it can and has been

  • Simple Little Town – Unspoken Tradition

    Bluegrass music has often celebrated the life of the working man and the small town he lives in. North Carolina’s Unspoken Tradition, a new group based out of Asheville and Cherryville, embodies that theme in their debut release, Simple Little