• Bluegrass Boys from Tommy Webb

    Kindred Records has released a debut single from their next album by Kentuckian Tommy Webb. The song is called Bluegrass Boys, and it's bluesy, medium tempo number with a wicked groove about a group of good ol' boys who like to

  • Kenny O’Quinn to Half Past Lonesome

    Kenny O'Quinn has been announced as the new mandolin player with Jeff Clair & Half Past Lonesome, where he will also assist on harmony vocals. Prior to signing on with Jeff, Kenny had worked with The Tommy Webb Band, Don Rigsby &

  • From Rock N’ Roll to Bill Monroe

    Tommy Webb is a fine bluegrass singer and songwriter from Bill Monroe's native state of Kentucky who has a special Monroe tribute song to honor Big Mon's 100th birthday this year. Webb has gained some notoriety for his clever original songs

  • Tommy Webb – Heartland

    Tommy Webb, a recent recruit to the Rural Rhythm Records' roster, will have his first release, called Heartland (RHY-1043), on that label on April 21, 2009. The album, produced by Ron Stewart, includes 12 songs, several of which were written by

  • Two new CDs: Tim Carter and Tommy Webb

    We received two fine CDs recently, from artists whose music may not be familiar to a wide listening audience. Both projects have their roots in the rich, fertile "bluegrass crescent" that encircles eastern Kentucky and Tennessee along with western Virginia