• Introducing the Tennessee Bluegrass Band

    There's a brand new bluegrass band recently formed in east Tennessee that is sure to please anyone who enjoys solid, traditional bluegrass music. Named simply The Tennessee Bluegrass Band, this quintet features some of the brightest lights among our music's youth

  • Tim Laughlin to Big Country Bluegrass

    Big Country Bluegrass has announced veteran multi-instrumentalist Tim Laughlin as their newest member. Tim will play both fiddle and mandolin, and share in harmony vocals. The band had been using fill-ins since fiddler Jeff Michael departed in February of 2012 -

  • New lineup with Marty Raybon

    Marty Raybon shared some info about the latest lineup of his touring bluegrass band. In addition to bringing on temps to play banjo while Chis Wade is undergoing cancer treatment, Marty has hired Jason Leek on bass and Tim Laughlin