• Self Titled – The Wildmans

    Like other younger contemporary ensembles, The Wildmans tend to freely explore their music with a flexibility and finesse that pays little heed to preset boundaries or any textbook trappings. Although they certainly bear the proper credentials — an Appalachian birthright,

  • Monster Ride drops from The Wildmans

    We have waxed enthusiastic several times here about The Wildmans, a young group of string players taking old time music in a new direction. They are recently signed with Travianna Records, an imprint in the Mountain Fever Music Group, and

  • The Wildmans to Travianna records

    The Wildmans at FloydFest 2019 - photo © Bob Atamek Travianna Records, an imprint of Mountain Fever Records in Riner, VA, has announced the signing of their newest artists, The Wildmans, an alternative string band from nearby Floyd. These teen sensations approach