• Bluegrass Band video from The Rigneys

    Dark Shadow Recordings has released a new video from The Rigneys, one shot back in November 2013 at a live band performance at the South Jackson Civic Center in Tullahoma, TN. Label head Stephen Mougin shared a few words about the song... "As the

  • Lots of music in Bristol this weekend

    The opening night of the 2014 Bristol Rhythm & Roots Reunion in Bristol, TN/VA was a huge success. The weather, which is always a bit unpredictable this time of year, was the best I can remember, with temperatures in the

  • Bridges video from The Rigneys

    The Rigneys have released a second video from their Dark Shadow Recording album, Double Or Nothing. This time it's Bridges, written by Elizabeth Shrum, Jeff Hyde and Becky Buller. The performance was filmed before a live audience at the South Jackson Civic Center

  • New video from The Rigneys

    Here's a new music video from The Rigneys. It's for Something Old, Something New from their current Dark Shadow release, Double Or Nothing. The song was written by Andrew Rigney, the band's lead vocalist and guitarist, with the assistance of Stephen Mougin,

  • Double Or Nothing video from The Rigneys

    The Rigneys have released a live performance video of the title track from their current album on Dark Shadow Records, Double Or Nothing. It was recorded during a show this past November 15 at the South Jackson Civic Center in Tullahoma, TN.

  • Double Or Nothing – The Rigneys

    Double Or Nothing is the latest CD from The Rigneys, a family band that is successfully transitioning away from that pigeonhole. Most of the album focuses on the talents of eldest son Andrew Rigney, who plays guitar, sings all but two

  • Debut single from The Rigneys

    Dark Shadow Records has released a first single to radio from Double Or Nothing, their first project for The Rigneys - and their first project ever! The label is a new venture from Stephen Mougin, an offshoot of his successful