• Congratulations Ellen and Michael!

    Two of the most popular musical families in Branson were united this past Saturday when Ellen Petersen and Michael Haygood were married at the First Baptist Church of Branson. Ellen plays banjo and sings with her family's bluegrass band, The Petersens,

  • The Petersens tour the Emerald Isle

    Though you may not see them out at the festivals that often, there are few bluegrass bands that perform more regularly, or before more people each year than The Petersens. The family band has worked the Little Opry Theatre in Branson,

  • Bluegrass on American Idol?

    I guess it's always theoretically possible, but this year there may be a better than average chance. Ellen Petersen, who performs with her family bluegrass band based in Branson, MO, auditioned on a lark for this year's American Idol on the Fox