• New team for The Kody Norris Show

    Top Row: Jeremy Westby (2911 Media), Rush Davenport, Frank Wing, (Reliant Talent Agency), Terry Calogne (Richards & Southern), Josiah Tyree, Kody Norris, Mary Rachel Nalley-Norris, Charlie Lowman (The Kody Norris Show), Holly Bonnette (HB Entertainment), Scott Sexton (2911 Media), Scott Heuerman

  • Welcome Hazel Kate Tyree!

    Congratulations go out to Josiah Tyree, banjo picker with The Kody Norris Show, and his exhausted wife, Cassie, on the birth of their first child. Hazel Kate Tyree was born on April 27 at 7:42 a.m. in Carthage, TN, at the Riverview

  • Congratulations Josiah and Cassady!

    Josiah Tyree, banjo player with The Kody Norris Show, and Cassady Sibley, recently celebrated the one month anniversary of their marriage. The couple wed on May 16 at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Carthage, TN, Josiah's hometown, where they now reside. Though she