• Good Thing Gone Wrong from Kenny & Amanda Smith

    New music today from husband-and-wife grassers Kenny & Amanda Smith. For the two decades these two have been performing together, they have consistently chosen excellent material to record, and done so with artistry and virtuosity. Kenny has enjoyed a long career

  • Route 55 from The Earl Brothers

    The Earl Brothers have released a new single, Route 55, a hypnotic banjo driven number in keeping with the description of their music as Hillbilly Twang. The Brothers are in fact one person, with the music emanating from the mind of

  • Moonshine Man from The Earl Brothers

    For some years we have enjoyed music from The Earl Brothers, which is primarily the work of Robert Earl Davis, a bluegrass banjo man from the east coast who has migrated to San Francisco. As a young man he studied

  • Wild Willy video from The Earl Brothers

    The Earl Brothers are back with a new song, paired with an impressionistic music video that may make your head swim. This San Francisco trio is known for their minimalistic bluegrass, which at first glance may seem somewhat spartan, but in

  • Henhouse Rumble video from The Earl Brothers

    Robert Earl Davis, banjo picker and head honcho with bluegrass arch-traditionalists The Earl Brothers, just shared their latest video. It's for a new tune of Davis' called Henhouse Rumble, another banjo tune for the barnyard tune collection. Bobby plays banjo and

  • The Earl Brothers Say Goodbye To Dixie

    The Earl Brothers have always been something of a contradiction. They are based in San Francisco, usually the home of more progressive bluegrass, but their music sounds like it was discovered in an old tape canister outside of Ralph Stanley's

  • Durango Meltdown coverage at Bluegrass Today

    I’m honored to be returning to Bluegrass Today as a guest blogger in highlighting events throughout the 2014 Durango Bluegrass Meltdown. As I did with the 2013 Telluride Bluegrass Festival, I’ll attempt to gain a bit of “behind the scenes”

  • Outlaw Hillbilly – The Earl Brothers

    Many music fans may be familiar with the term “outlaw country,” which has been applied to musicians such as Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash who wrote and recorded music which sounded completely different from the slick, pop-flavored country music which

  • White Album from The Earl Brothers

    The Earl Brothers, San Francisco's minimalist, honky-tonk, retrograss bad boys are back with a new release, their 4th self-produced project. In a major departure from their 10 year embrace of a "men in black" vibe, this new, self-titled CD is