• New EP from The Cubero Brothers

    The Cubero Brothers (Los Hermanos Cuberos), Spain's top bluegrass hybrid brother duet team, has released a new EP of their distinctive music, blending Castilian folk music with our beloved bluegrass. A burrasca perdida contains 4 tracks, 2 traditional Spanish songs, and two

  • Cubero Brothers on Spanish TV

    Here's one for our Spanish-speaking readers... The Cubero Brothers (Los Hermanos Cubero) appeared this past Sunday on Mapa Sonoro, aired on Spanish public television. The show, which translates roughly as Sound Map, also is available internationally on Spanish language cable channels. Enrique

  • Los Hermanos Cubero video

    Our Spanish bluegrass friends, The Cubero Brothers, contacted us recently to share a new music video, and to let us know that their latest album, Flor de Canciones, was available through CD Baby. The brothers, Roberto and Enrique, are native Spaniards with

  • Flor de canciones from The Cubero Brothers

    Our Spanish bluegrass buddies, The Cubero Brothers (Los Hermanos Cubero), have released their latest album, Flor de canciones. Like their previous projects, it features brothers Roberto and Enrique Cubero performing their mix of traditional Iberian folk music with the mandolin and guitar techniques

  • La calle abajo video from Los Hermanos Cubero

    Spain's Cubero Brothers (Los Hermanos Cubero) have released a music video for their song, La calle abajo (Down The Street), from their recent 7'' vinyl EP on Carajillo Records. The record was a limited edition pressing, which has since sold through not to

  • The Cubero Brothers in La muerte en la Alcarria

    Los Hermanos Cubero (The Cubero Brothers) are at the center of a new film, La muerte en la Alcarria (Death in Alcarria), by Spanish filmmaker Fernando Pomares. Enrique and Roberto play themselves in this fictional story, serving as both actors and musicians. The brothers perform

  • The Cubero Brothers

    Here's a fun story from Spain. We heard from Roberto Cubero, who performs along with his brother Enrique as Los Hermanos Cubero (The Cubero Brothers). Roberto plays mandolin and Enrique guitar, and they recently won first prize in the Premio