• The Bluegrass Mix is down and out

    While it seemed earlier this year that they had found a way to continue operating their 24/7 bluegrass music stream online, it now appears that The Bluegrass Mix is off the air for good. Station operator Roger Randolph confirmed this morning what we

  • The Bluegrass Mix is back

    We heard from Roger Randolph with The Bluegrass Mix, who is happy to report that their 24/7 bluegrass streaming service is back on the air after being dark for the past few weeks. In mid-February, after new royalty rates for music

  • New royalty rates shut down Bluegrass Mix

    Sad news for fans of The Bluegrass Mix, the online bluegrass streaming radio service that has been offered at no cost since the Spring of 2006. Roger Randolph and Julie Raye launched the service from St Albans, WV after starting separately

  • True Blue Radio debuts on Bluegrass Mix

    The Bluegrass Mix is bringing a new show into their roster on Monday (4/8) when True Blue Radio, hosted by Leevon DeCourley, goes out over the Internet. The show will be recorded each week in the studios of Pure Country C106.1, KWKZ-FM in Cape Girardeau,