• Old Joe Clark video from The Bluegrass Babies

    The Bluegrass Babies are back, with another of their animated videos introducing young children to bluegrass music. As ever, the music is created by Paul Castle and The Rosinators, with animation by Caroline Roberts of Little Pie Studios. In this adventure,

  • The Bluegrass Babies are back with a new video

    Attention parents (and grandparents) with toddlers on the prowl! The Bluegrass Babies have released another charming video, sure to capture your youngster's attention, and have them singing right along. Enough of those squeaky, high-pitched children' videos - teach your baby to

  • Merry Christmas from The Bluegrass Babies

    The Bluegrass Babies are back with a precious Christmas video for 2012. If you have young children, siblings, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren, they are certain to enjoy these musical musings. The Babies are the brainchild of British children’s book illustrator Caroline

  • OBS from The Bluegrass Babies

    What a treat for a sunny, summer day when most of our US readers are enjoying a holiday. Our young British friends, The Bluegrass Babies, have a new song to share, another which is sure to delight bluegrass lovers of any

  • Bluegrass Babies are back

    Here's Act II from the Bluegrass Babies, a clever animated video from British children's book illustrator Caroline Roberts and Paul Castle of The Rosinators. Our readers loved their first video, and if you have small children (or grandchildren), they

  • Bluegrass Babies

    Here's a cute video for young children designed to pique their natural curiosity about music, using animation and bluegrass. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DACmET6qI6MIt was created by Caroline Roberts, a children's book illustrator, and Paul Castle, who plays with the British folk/bluegrass group The Rosinators. Roberts