• The Bankesters Grow Up

    One thing I enjoy as a music writer is watching bands develop and improve over the years. Some of the fastest improvement in the last few years has come from The Bankesters, a family band from Carbondale, IL. This point was

  • Found from The Bankesters

    The Bankesters have released their latest music video, for Found, from their current Compass project, Love Has Wheels. It's a song written by bassist Melissa Triplett and her husband, banjo picker Kyle, for This Able Veteran, who train service dogs to

  • Bankesters behind the scenes video

    The Bankesters have created a behind-the-scenes video about the making of their latest music video. It's for the song, Found, written in support of This Able Veteran, an organization that trains service dogs to assist returning veterans who are suffering from

  • Love Has Wheels – The Bankesters

    Here are a few things you can learn from Love Has Wheels by The Bankesters, their first project with Compass Records and the fifth overall from this charming family band. The Bankester girls are all grown up. What started as four cute

  • The Bankesters at IBMA 2013

    Towards the end of IBMA week in Raleigh last month, a pair of the lovely Bankester girls stopped by for a chat about their new album, Love Has Wheels, and the first music video from the record for When I'm

  • Cups video from The Bankesters

    Here's a tough one. What do you get when you mix pretty girls with a catchy pop song, a crack bluegrass band, a summer vibe and a bunch of enthusiastic youngsters? Unless you fall down somewhere in the execution, it's a

  • Love Has Wheels from The Bankesters Sept. 24

    Compass Records has released a music video to promote the September 24 release of their debut album with The Bankesters, Love Has Wheels. It's the appealing family band's first project with a label after a string of successful, independently-produced records. Love

  • Sneak peek video from The Bankesters

    Compass Records has put together a video sneak-peek at Love Has Wheels, their upcoming album for The Bankesters. It gives a taste of three tracks from the CD, plus interviews with the various members of the band.   They're in the middle