• Terry Poirier to Little Roy & Lizzy

    Terry Poirier has been announced as the new bass player with the Little Roy & Lizzy Show. The Canadian native now living in Lexington, KY will start his tenure with the band on June 9. Terry went looking for a job

  • Terry Poirier becomes a Spinney Brother

    Metaphorically speaking, that is. Terry Poirier is taking his bass skills to the Spinney Brothers, and has in fact, already started doing shows with the band. Like Allan and Rick Spinney, Terry is a native Canadian, though he lives now in

  • Terry Poirier moves on from Newtown

    Though Jr. Williams and Kati Penn-Williams of Newtown may not have scored the first baby born in 2014, they do have the distinction of making the first major personnel announcement of the new year. Jr. informs us today that their long time bass player, Terry

  • WorldWideBluegrass.com fundraiser October 27

    Terry Poirier will be hosting a fundraiser for WorldWideBluegrass.com in Lexington, KY on October 27. WorldWideBluegrass (WWB) broadcasts bluegrass 24/7 online with a mix of hosted and automated content. In addition to playing bass with Kati Penn & Newtown, Terry hosts

  • Terry Poirier to Kati Penn Band

    The Kati Penn Band has announced the addition of Terry Poirier on string bass and vocals. Terry is a native of New Brunswick, Canada and lives now in Lexington, KY. He has performed in a number of bands and worked in