• Stillhouse Junkies heading for the UK

    Following their triumphal run through the 2021 World of Bluegrass, and being recently signed to Dark Shadow Recording, Colorado's Stillhouse Junkies are preparing for a whirlwind two-week tour of the UK, with a brief stop in The Netherlands.  The power trio

  • Colorado Bound video from Stillhouse Junkies

    Stillhouse Junkies - photo by Renee Cornue Studio The hands down favorites at the 2021 Wold of Bluegrass convention were Stillhouse Junkies, who won over every audience they appeared before with their energetic and animated stage performance, and quirky but appealing

  • Stillhouse Junkies to Dark Shadow Recording

    Stillhouse Junkies photo © Renee Cornue Studio Whenever a Bluegrass Ramble showcase artist sets the World of Bluegrass convention on its ear, you can generally expect to see them rewarded with a label deal as a result. Sometimes it happens during