• Stash Band 3 tests the limits of bluegrass

    How do you feel about experimental music? Think carefully, because how you answer will go a long way towards determining whether you find this article fascinating, or downright silly. If the concept of blending influences and merging genres appeals to you,

  • Lost video from Jacob Jolliff Band

    One great thing about bluegrass culture is that even the most modern artists appreciate the music of the earlier days, while the more orthodox players enjoy what the more contemporary pickers are doing. Here's a great example of that young meets old,

  • Molsky’s Mountain Drifters video

    How about some fine old time music to point us all towards the weekend. Here's Bruce Molsky and his Mountain Drifters doing a bang up job on an old chestnut, Across The Plains of Illinois. Bruce credits finding this version in

  • Ice Crisis – Is it bluegrass?

    Nope. That's an easy answer. This early taste from the CD Stash!, expected soon from Boston-based guitarist/vocalist Stash Wyslouch - late of The Deadly Gentlemen - explores Wyslouch's personal musical experiment with acoustic metal. Prior to coming to bluegrass, Stash was consumed with

  • Stash Wyslouch to mix bluegrass and metal

    Boston's Stash Wyslouch has announced plans to record his first solo album of original material, which he says will combine his twin passions for bluegrass and heavy metal music. Stash has been prominent in the bluegrass world this past few years as