• Special Consensus hits the road

    Special Consensus in Hempstedt, Germany with their trusty travel van. As promised, Special Consensus is sharing their European tour with our readers. Here is the first installment. We all met in Chicago Tuesday, and headed to O'Hare Airport to catch the 4:oo p.m.

  • Rick Faris to Dark Shadow Recording

    Dark Shadow Recording has announced that they have signed Rick Faris, guitarist and vocalist for Special Consensus, to a contract with the label. Rick will continue to work with Special C while recording a new solo project when the band

  • Having a Coffee with … Greg Cahill

    This is fun series in which we ask bluegrass music personalities, some famous, some not so famous, about some of their interests as well as about the music that they love.   Greg Cahill is the lynch-pin for Special Consensus, having

  • Way Down the River Road video from Special C

    Compass Records has released a lyric video for the opening track from their upcoming Special Consensus album, Rivers And Roads. It's a rip-roarin' take on Way Down The River Road, a John Hartford classic in the old time fashion, played at ludicrous

  • Special Consensus at Fodor’s Grove

    What does a bluegrass fan do after two weeks of bluegrass festivals? Find a bluegrass concert the day after the last festival! Special Consensus was completing a Florida tour on Sunday with a house concert at Fodor’s Grove. Special C plays

  • Special C does the UK in ’17

    This report on Special Consensus' 2017 tour of the UK is a contribution from bandleader and banjo picker Greg Cahill. Special C embarked on our bi-annual tour of Ireland/England/Wales/Scotland on January 9 for a 26 concurrent day performance schedule. Rick, Dan

  • Special Consensus ready for Europe

    It’s that time of year; well, every other year. As we welcome the new year Special Consensus are busy getting ready for a tour of the UK and Ireland, “26 straight days of traveling and performing on the same day”, says

  • Special C’s side trip to Louisville

    When Special Consensus made the journey to Shepherdsville, KY last week for a show in Gary Brewer’s Friday Night Bluegrass Series, the band took a side trip to Louisville to make a guest appearance on Bob Mitchell's Best Of Bluegrass program, recorded at WFPK-FM. The guys