• Carrying on the Tradition at SPBGMA

    Alan Tompkins playing an RB-75 at Gruhn's during SPBGMA week 2020 - photo by Gerald Jones This additional SPBGMA 2020 reflection comes from Alan Tompkins, a Dallas-area attorney, festival promoter, and bluegrass musician. He is also a recent graduate of the

  • Glenville State bluegrass at SPBGMA 2020

    Glenville State students, faculty, family, and friends at The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville  As we mentioned last week, program director of bluegrass at Glenville State College, Megan Darby, took a group of students, alumni, and friends with her to SPBGMA

  • 2020 SPBGMA Award winners

    The 2020 Awards ceremony for the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America were held tonight at the Music City Sheraton in Nashville, TN. Amid performances by The Grascals, Nothin’ Fancy, Lonesome River Band, and The Farm Hands, awards were announced

  • Notes from SPBGMA 2020 – day 2

    Carly Smith with the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame & Museum at SPBGMA 2020 - photo by Dave Berry The second day is in full-swing at SPBGMA, most people have arrived and the scene is probably best described as a ten

  • SPBGMA Nashville 2020 Kickoff

    Like any bluegrass event, the first night is a little slow with vendor setup, friends getting reacquainted, scattered jamming, and shortened exhibition and concert hours. The 46th Annual SPBGMA Bluegrass Music Awards & 37th National Convention & Band Championship in

  • Glenville State students at SPBGMA

    ETSU isn't the only college sending students from their bluegrass program to the SPBGMA National Convention in Nashville this weekend. Glenville State College in West Virginia is taking a busload from their department, along with some well-wishers and members of the

  • 2020 SPBGMA award nominees announced

    The Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America has announced the nominees for their 2020 Bluegrass Music Awards, to be awarded during their annual convention in Nashville on February 2. The 46th annual SPBGMA convention will be held at

  • 2019 SPBGMA National Awards winners

    Tonight, we had the presentation of the 2019 Bluegrass Music Awards at the 36th annual National Convention of the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America. The ceremony closed out the convention at the Sheraton Music City Hotel

  • SPBGMA Midwest Bluegrass Awards nominees

    In addition to their national bluegrass awards, the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music of America has announced the nominees for their 45th annual Midwest Bluegrass Awards. Winners are to be announced at their 36th Midwest Convention in Jefferson City, MO