• SESAC to acquire Harry Fox

    Performance rights organization SESAC, formerly know as the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers, has announced its intention to purchase the Harry Fox Agency, the largest purveyor of mechanical licensing for music and video. Still the smallest of the large

  • To stream or not to stream

    An issue much on the minds of performing artists and songwriters these days is the rapid growth of streaming audio services like Pandora or Spotify, which offer targeted music streams designed to follow the tastes of individual listeners, but which

  • Songwriting Escape heading your way

    I didn't get to chat with Donna Ulisse this year at the World of Bluegrass as I often do, though she has recently shared some news with us about a venture she is launching in 2015. She is calling it Songwriting Escape, her name for

  • Hazel Dickens song contest from DCBU

    When the DC Bluegrass Union launched their songwriting competition this year, it was a simple decision to name it in honor of Hazel Dickens, a nearly-native daughter who spent much of her life based in the Baltimore/Washington area. Born in West

  • Mark Simos talks songwriting

    During the IBMA's World of Bluegrass convention in late September, David Morris sat down with Berklee College of Music professor of songwriting, Mark Simos to discuss his new book, Songwriting Strategies: A 360 Degree Approach.   We'll have a complete review of

  • Louisa Branscomb and Nu-Blu songwriter workshops

    As popular music keeps getting bigger, brighter, louder and more bombastic, we see more and more people drop off the other end. Looking for an expression of something genuine - something that can touch them using words and music, without laser lights, exploding