• Shotgun Holler on CMT

    It's a long way from Harlan County, Kentucky to the bright lights and big city ways of Los Angeles, CA. But bluegrass boys Shotgun Holler made the trip out to Culver City and the Sony TV Studios for an appearance

  • First single hits from Shotgun Holler

    Lonesome Day Records has released a radio single from their first project with Shotgun Holler, appropriately titled, Loaded, due to hit in late June The song concerns a topic that every bluegrass lover can appreciate, the festival or concert parking lot, where friends

  • Shotgun Holler to Lonesome Day

    Talk about moving fast! Kentucky mandolinist Shawn Brock was inspired in February to start a new bluegrass band. Now in August he's got the band, Shotgun Holler, and a record label contract with Lonesome Day Records. Of course it helps that he's