• Introducing the Tennessee Plow Cleaners

    Bluegrass songwriter, Billy Smith, has formed a new band, the Tennessee Plow Cleaners. The Nashville-based ensemble consists of David Talbot on banjo, Shad Cobb on fiddle, Smith on guitar, and his wife, Marilyn, on upright bass. Ironically, none of the

  • Helen Highwater to Roe Entertainment

    Roe Entertainment in Maryville, TN has announced the addition of Nashville supergroup Helen Highwater Stringband to their roster of talent. All booking representation for the group will now he handled by Roe. The band consists of four close friends with long

  • Helen Highwater rises in Nashville

    A new band is set to hit the scene, combining four Nashville superpickers itching to play together. David Grier is on guitar, Missy Raines on bass, Mike Compton on mandolin, and Shad Cobb on fiddle. They have chosen the clever name

  • Chris Henry & The Hardcore Grass

    Chris Henry has ambitious plans for the summer of 2012. He and his group, The Hardcore Grass, intend to record three albums in Nashville over the next few months. As he explains in his Kickstarter video below, they will cut one

  • Little Fiddle On the Prairie

    On Jan 6, artists from many genres will come together at the Loveless Barn in Nashville, TN, to celebrate an unsung American fiddle hero, Charles Ingalls. Yes, that Charles Ingalls, father of Laura Ingalls-Wilder. It is a widely known, but often forgotten

  • Stolen Instruments in Nashville

    Jesse Cobb of the Infamous Stringdusters wrote in to inform us of his brother's loss of four instruments. The guitar should be easily identifiable by its serial number. The other instruments will not be so easy to identify. But if you