• Seneca Rocks or Johnson Mountain Boys?

    Bluegrass fans, hold on to your seats – if you can get one – the Johnson Mountain Boys are back! (Almost, anyway.) Dudley Connell, David McLaughlin, Tom Adams, and Marshall Wilborn recently announced they will be performing a house concert

  • Seneca Rocks! recording continues

    We posted last year about the formation of Seneca Rocks!, a new part-time bluegrass band made up of prominent veteran performers. The group include Dudley Connell on guitar, Tom Adams on banjo, David McLaughlin on mandolin, Sally Love on

  • Seneca Rocks! in the studio

    Updated 6/16, 7:00 a.m. The recent history of bluegrass music has seen the occasion of a number of "part time" bands, made up of members of other full time touring acts. Perhaps the most prominent was The Bluegrass Album Band,