• Drone footage of Sideline at SamJam 2021

    To close out a week full of festival coverage, here is video shot by a drone hovering over the 2021 SamJam Bluegrass Festival in Piketon, OH. It captures a power beginning to Sideline's closing set on September 4, which began with

  • Against all odds – SamJam 2020

    2020 has been a devastating year for bluegrass festivals, entertainers, and promoters, just to mention a few in the industry. With COVID-19 taking its toll on our great music, deep in southern Ohio, on the edge of Appalachia, Pike County

  • SamJam 2019 report

    Sideline with Styx Hicks after their set at SamJam 2019 - photo by Mike Sullivan The SamJam 2019 bluegrass festival was one for the record books! The energy at this festival is something rarely seen at bluegrass events these days. Sammy Karr

  • Top 10 moments from SamJam 2017

    This past weekend marked the second annual SamJam Music Festival, held at the Pike County Fairgrounds in Piketon, OH. The festival is growing at an amazing rate, with Sammy Karr and Rick Greene at the wheel. These guys strive to

  • SamJam debuts in Piketon, Ohio

    This report is a contribution from C.J. Lewandowski, mandolinist and vocalist with the Po' Ramblin' Boys. He helped as MC for the SamJam 16 festival, and shares his experience there for the sake of our readers. As the festival Tee's stated, it