• New faces with Route 3

    The next time you catch Missouri grassers Route 3, you'll see a different look. Bass man Doug Clifton tells us that he and guitarist Jason Jordan have brought two new members into the group. Janice Martin Houk has joined the band

  • Southbound Train video from Route 3

    Pinecastle Records has a new single from Missouri's Route 3, a compelling song written by guitarist Jason Jordan called Southbound Train. Given the title, you might expect another lonesome heartache, riding the rails type of number, but Southbound Train tells of

  • Losing Time video from Route 3

    Pinecastle Records has a new single today for southern Missouri's Route 3, the title track of their first project with the label, Losing Time. The song was written by Route 3 guitarist and vocalist, Jason Jordan, whose original material has been

  • Losing Time – Route 3

    Route 3 of Purdy, MO has been receiving steady recognition for their firm stamp on contemporary bluegrass music. Their second release, Losing Time, on Pinecastle Records places even more emphasis on that originality. Ten of the album's eleven songs were written by

  • Self titled – Route 3

    When an album comes in the mail (or e-mail, these days) from a new band, you’re never quite sure what to expect. Will the whole album live up to the superbly produced first single? Will an amazing live sound transfer