• Banjo Safari – Year 2

    Calling all intrepid photographers. Do you play banjo also? How about a trip to the home of the banjo, Africa? And why not enjoy the sights and sounds of an African safari and, at the same time, improve your banjo

  • Banjo Safari: Back to the Roots

    Feeling adventurous? I know a few banjo players who feel like the king of the bluegrass jungle, so how about a trip back to the land where the banjo began (yes, I know the fifth string was added in America).

  • Ross Nickerson kicks it

    Ross Nickerson is well known as a banjo instructor. His Banjo Encyclopedia book and multiple DVDs have been used by thousands of students of our beloved 5 string, and his camps and workshops are well attended all over the US

  • Happy Independence Day!

    Bluegrass Today would like to wish a happy Independence Day to all our US readers - with a hearty "no hard feelings" to our friends in England. To help put everyone in a festive mood, here's a video of Ross Nickerson

  • Scholarships for Transatlantic Bluegrass

    The Transatlantic Bluegrass School, scheduled for May 7-11, 2008 in the Welsh town of Pembrokeshire, has announced the formation of a  scholarship program for young students, aged 16-25, based on financial need. The scholarship awards will cover the full tuition costs,

  • US pickers to assist Welsh counterparts

    Spring 2008 will find a bevy of top American bluegrass musicians heading to Wales to serve as instructors at the Transatlantic Bluegrass School. The school will be held starting on May 7 in the scenic coastal village of Newport, Pembrokeshire

  • Essential banjo licks DVD

    Ross Nickerson has released his newest banjo instructional DVD, Essential Banjo Licks, with more than 100 common banjo phrases every banjo player needs to know. It is intended to offer useful information for players starting at a beginner's level, with many

  • Online Instructional Video

    From time to time we have discussed various ventures that involved online video instruction for bluegrass music. The idea has a great deal of appeal to bluegrass instructors, and some are actively involved in providing such instruction. Three that come