• On This Day #51 – Reno & Harrell 1967

    On this day … On November 2, 1967, Don Reno and Bill Harrell and The Tennessee Cut-Ups recorded two bluegrass Gospel tracks, Stepping Stone to Glory and I’m Just a Little Old Fashioned that were released as a single, King 45-6150. The

  • Karin Wright – You Got The Silver

    We hear a good bit about bluegrass music in Sweden these days, but less so in neighboring Norway. It's there, however, and we get a taste with the release of You Got The Silver from Norwegian artist Karin Wright. She's the

  • Another Reno & Harrell reissue from Rural Rhythm

    Rural Rhythm Records has produced another classic reissue with the release of Don Reno & Bill Harrell with The Tennessee Cut-Ups. Originally offered on LP in 1966, this record featured 20 bluegrass favorites by this stellar version of the band. In addition

  • George Shuffler: A Career Overview

    Born in Valdese, North Carolina, on April 11, 1925, George Saunders Shuffler was a very significant creative force in the bluegrass music world. Shuffler is best known for his association with the Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys, and later

  • On This Day #25 – Dale Reno

    On This Day ………… On February 6, 1961, Dale Reno was born in Roanoke, Virginia. The second son of banjo ace Don Reno, Dale Reno fell in love with musical instruments at the tender age of ten. Initially he built his first

  • Reno Bound – Reno and Harrell

    For most bluegrass fans, the name “Reno and Harrell” instantly brings to mind the 1960s band fronted by bluegrass legends Don Reno and Bill Harrell. However, some folks may have caught that name popping up once again at bluegrass shows,

  • A Dollar Down from Reno & Harrell

    The new, 21st century version of Reno & Harrell, consisting of Don Reno's sons Don Wayne and Dale, along with Bill Harrell's son Mitch, have released a first music video. The song is A Dollar Down, which will be included in

  • Reno & Harrell to John Boy & Billy

    John Boy & Billy, Inc. have announced the signing of the new Reno & Harrell to their label. No... not the classic bluegrass pioneers from the 1960s, but the next generation of Reno & Harrell. Don Reno's boys, Don Wayne and