• Ray Cardwell to Dave Mason’s band

    Over their careers in and around bluegrass, many people have commented on the parallels between John Cowan and Ray Cardwell. Both men have high tenor voices, play bass, and made their names in the early days of newgrass music. Now we

  • Ray Cardwell – Passing it On

    The Ray Cardwell profile is a contribution by Dale McCurry with Bambi Grinder, founders of NoteWorthy Music in Springfield, MO. "I'm doing a little happy dance around the house right now," says Ray Cardwell. He has texted me at 7:30 in the a.m.

  • Born To Do drops for Ray Cardwell

    Bonfire Music has released a first single from their upcoming album for newgrass singer and songwriter, Ray Cardwell. The full album, Just A Little Rain, isn't set to hit until next month, but today we get a taste of the project

  • Rising Sun drops from Ray Cardwell

    Bonfire Records has released a new single for newgrass vocalist and songwriter Ray Cardwell, ahead of his upcoming album, Just A Little Rain. Cardwell has returned to bluegrass in recent years, after a strong start with New Tradition back in the

  • Hurricane Rain video from Ray Cardwell

    Bonfire Recording has released a new music video for Ray Cardwell, featuring one of the songs on his upcoming album, Stand On My Own. The song is one that Ray wrote with our own Terry Herd called Hurricane Rain. It tells

  • Time To Drive video from Ray Cardwell

    Pinecastle Records has released a music video for Time To Drive, the first single from Ray Cardwell's upcoming project with them. It's been the #1 song on our Bluegrass Today Grassicana chart this past two weeks. Cardwell wrote this one, and

  • Time To Drive from Ray Cardwell

    Pinecastle Records has released a new single from Ray Cardwell, the first from his upcoming album with the label, due in the fall of 2018. It's one he wrote called Time To Drive, which like much of his material, recalls the

  • Tennessee Moon – Ray Cardwell

    It’s easy to call an album “newgrass.” If the banjo doesn’t sound quite like Scruggs, if there’s a heavy folk, pop, rock, and/or jazz influence, if songs aren’t about cabins and mama, reviewers, publicists, and even bands themselves are apt