• Punch Brothers on Conan

    Punch Brothers appeared live last night on Conan on TBS, and performed a track from their latest album, All Ashore. It's one called It's All Part Of The Plan - not really bluegrass in the strictest interpretation of Mr. Monroe's music,

  • Punch Brothers live video for Bedstock

    What would you call an online music festival where popular artists and entertainers are asked to make a video of themselves performing in bed? Why Bedstock, of course! The idea is to request donations to make music available for children and teens who

  • The State of American Acoustic Music

    My fellow Americans: the state of acoustic music in our country is strong. Earlier last week in our Nation’s capital many were sitting down for principle. By week’s end, throngs were standing up in repeated ovation for American Acoustic music, recognizing

  • Red Wing Roots 2015

    When standing beneath the monumental Natural Chimneys (120 foot limestone pillars and the only remaining evidence that this part of the world was once completely undersea) in Mount Solon, Virginia, it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful location for a

  • Punch Brothers sing into a can

    When Punch Brothers played The Ryman Auditorium on February 27, they also spent a few minutes backstage with Martin Fisher of The Center For Popular Music, and recorded Rye Whiskey on an Edison-style wax cylinder for their archives. This video includes