• We Just Called Him King

    James King would have been 58 years old this past Friday. Unfortunately, The Bluegrass Storyteller only made it to 57, with his untimely death in May of this year. That doesn't mean James' memory, spirit, stories, and music has left us,

  • SPBGMA 2016 notes

    We had a blast this year at the SPBGMA National Convention in Nashville. As always, it's great to re-connect with old friends and make new ones, with more high-quality music being played than you could ever hope to see in

  • More new music from Po’ Ramblin’ Boys

    Randm Records has released a second track from their upcoming album for Po' Ramblin' Boys, Back To The Mountains. This time it's Remember Where You Came From, an old timey waltz number in the Stanley tradition, written and sung by guitarist Josh

  • Po’ Ramblin’ Boys to Randm Records

    The Po' Ramblin' Boys have signed with California's Randm Records to release Back To The Mountains, their first album of "outlaw bluegrass," later this fall. They call their hard-charging, traditional sound "outlaw" as they see it as counter to the trend towards a smoother,

  • Po’ Ramblin’ Boys get a haircut in Europe

    The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys brought their hard driving brand of old school bluegrass to western Europe, and promised to send us updates along the way. Here’s their fifth installment, from mandolinist C.J. Lewandowski, covering their trip from Holland to Denmark and back. Loek Lommis had a