• Maggie’s Farm video from Indigo Roots Band

    Of all the young family bands working the bluegrass circuit, few are as impressive as Indigo Roots Band, based near Nashville. Unusually gifted, highly creative, and extremely photogenic, this trio of Bethany, Victoria, and Daniel Kelley have grown way beyond

  • Gypsy Summertime from Indigo Roots Band

    When looking at this photo of the Indigo Roots Band, some may say, "hey... that's the Paper Dolls band," while others will think, "that looks like the Band of Kelleys." And you'd all be right. Indigo Roots Band is the new

  • Winter Season video from Paper Dolls

    Paper Dolls, i.e., the Kelley family of Tennessee, has a new single this month, an original composition written by the band called Winter Season. We have had our eye on this talented young group for some time, tracing back to