• Bits & Pieces video from Ralph & Ondra

    Czech grassers Ondra Kozák and Ralph Schut have created a music video for the title track of their latest album, Bits & Pieces. Both are exceptional musicians, well known throughout the bluegrass scene in eastern Europe, and other than the occasional pronunciation of a

  • New Aliquot forms in Czech Republic

    A new group has formed in the Czech Republic, combing existing group High ReVoltage -  a trio made up of Ondra Kozák on guitar, Vítek Hanulík on mandolin, and Karel Začal on reso-guitar - with bassist Pavel Duda to form New Aliquot. The members have performed with some

  • Getting Lost video from East-West

    East-West is a young bluegrass band from Slovakia and Czech Republic, made up of prominent eastern European musicians. With several members performing with more than one band, East-West had been sort of a special project group since their founding in

  • Ataman from Ondra Kozák

    From the Czech Republic comes Ataman, a new album of guitar and mandolin music, written, arranged, recorded and performed by Ondra Kozák. Kozák is a busy man in the Czech bluegrass scene. He performs with a number of groups, including Fragment, G-Runs