• NewMAD mandolins

    We posted in August of '06 about the announcement that Rigel Mandolin was going out of business, and again in September '06 when former Rigel co-owner Peter Mix announced that he and Will Kimble would be collaborating on a new

  • New MAD Mandolin

    New Millennium Acoustic Design, aka NewMAD, has recently introduced the world's first carbon fiber mandolin. The construction is almost entirely carbon fiber. The only wood on the instrument is the ebony fingerboard and bridge. The tuners and other hardware are

  • Whatever happened to Rigel mandolins?

    We shared the news last month about Rigel mandolins going out of business - sad news for devotees of their unorthodox mandolin designs. Now comes news (reported by Mandolin Caf?©), that former Rigel co-owner Peter Mix is collaborating with Will