• Nechville announces Billy Failing model banjo

    Nechville Musical Products has announced a new signature artist model for Billy Failing, banjo picker with Billy Strings. It's a Vintage Eclipse model, but made with a maple neck and resonator, using the Nechville Heli-Mount integrated pot system. Like the

  • Nechville sets up shop in Portland, OR

    While at the SPBBGMA convention in Nashville this pst weekend, I ran into Tom Nechville, founder and proprietor of Nechville Musical Products. They are the designers and builders of all the fine Nechville banjos, made in Minnesota for the past

  • Nechville introduces the Aries Banjo

    Nechville Banjos has announced its newest model, the Aries Heli-Mount model. Design-wise, the company sorts of works both ends against the middle. They make some of the most exotic, futuristic banjos in the world - especially in their electric line -

  • Nechville joins in Gatlinburg relief efforts

    Nechville Musical Products is the latest bluegrass-oriented company to lend a hand to the relief efforts following the east Tennessee wildfires last month. The banjo builders were especially struck by the total destruction to the home and business of Pigeon Forge

  • Tom Nechville sits for Bud Bennett

    Tom Nechville, banjo builder and the man behind the innovative Nechville Musical Products company, is the latest subject to sit for banjo archivist Bud Bennett and his Appalachian Music and Culture blog. Bud has to date posted lengthy, in-depth interviews with several notable banjo

  • XXX banjo celebrates Nechville anniversary

    Tom Nechville and his Nechville Musical Products company is celebrating 30 years of banjo building with a new limited production model they are dubbing XXX. Representing the Roman numerals for 30, the XXX is constructed with very high grade curly