• Music From The True Vine

    Among the books mentioned in the University of North Carolina Press Fall/Winter 2011 catalogue is Bill C. Malone’s biography, Music From The True Vine: Mike Seeger's Life & Musical Journey. The recently-deceased Seeger was the son of musicologists Charles and Ruth Crawford Seeger

  • Bud Reed passes

    Ralph E. “Bud” Reed passed away at his home in Rising Sun, Maryland, on Saturday, February 12. He was aged 93. Reed, who married Ola Belle Campbell in February 1949, was born in Conowingo, Maryland on January 16, 1918, and served

  • 50 Years of The New Lost City Ramblers

    Continuing with our Mike Seeger theme today, here is news of a multi-disc retrospective on the recording career of The New Lost City Ramblers. 50 Years: Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go? was released August 25 by Smithsonian

  • Always Been A Rambler

    Apropos of Richard's fine tribute to Mike Seeger, here is some related news. The Arhoolie Foundation has recently released a DVD of the Yasha Aginsky film, Always Been A Rambler, an hour-long documentary on the New Lost City Ramblers, of which

  • Mike Seeger remembered

    Mike Seeger: August 15, 1933  - August 7, 2009 Musician, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist, collector, teacher, advocate, record engineer and producer, field-recordist, archivist, folklorist, historian and cultural scholar. Adjectives abound; individually or collectively they cannot begin to describe the influence Mike Seeger

  • Mike Seeger passes

    It is being widely reported that Mike Seeger has passed away. We've not yet received anything absolutely definitive, but a note expressed as having come from his wife Alexia indicates that he died last night. Dear family, dear friends… Mike has