• Fathers and Sons – Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell's unfettered affection for bluegrass has always been apparent. As as a singer, fiddler, viola player, and instructor, his dedication to making music has been evident with each of his four albums, but it's especially now, courtesy of this

  • Love of the Mountains drops for Mike Mitchell

    Though a native Canadian, bluegrass singer, songwriter, and fiddler Mike Mitchell has long made the southwestern Virginia community of Floyd his home. He's raised his family there, where he operates a music school for students of both classical and Appalachian

  • Making Hay video from Mike Mitchell

    Turnberry Records has a music video for their latest single from Virginia singer/songwriter and fiddler, Mike Mitchell. The song, Making Hay, is one Mike wrote with Dawn Kenney about winning the affections of another, using the metaphor of rural life down

  • Heidi Brooke marries love of bluegrass and art

    Heidi Brooke is no stranger to music. Her mother, Jennifer Brooke, is married to songwriting fiddler and band leader Mike Mitchell. Together they run the Floyd Music School in Floyd, VA, and host occasional house concerts. And Heidi, 18, often accompanies

  • I Hear Banjos from Mike Mitchell

    I hear banjos... is that anything like 'I see dead people?' Does it suggest some medical intervention may be required? Just kidding, of course. I Hear Banjos is the name of the first single from Mike Mitchell's upcoming album with Turnberry

  • Mike Mitchell signs with Turnberry Records

    Mike Mitchell photo © Kevin Slick Turnberry Records has announced the signing of bluegrass singer, songwriter, and fiddler Mike Mitchell to the label. A Canadian native, Mitchell now lives in the small town of Floyd, VA, a haven for Appalachian arts in

  • Calling Me video from Mike Mitchell

    Mike Mitchell, a fiddler, singer, and songwriter in southwest Virginia, has released a music video for his latest single, Calling Me. Mitchell, with the latest iteration of his touring group, recorded this track and shot the video over a single weekend,

  • New video and livestream from Mike Mitchell

    Southwest Virginia bluegrass artist Mike Mitchell has new music to share, and is doing so through a livestream concert tonight to benefit a very worthy regional organization. The Floyd-based singer, songwriter, educator, and multi-instrumentalist has been offering free livestream concerts from

  • Tell It To My Face drops for Mike Mitchell

    Small Town is the name of the upcoming release from Virginia singer, songwriter, and bandleader Mike Mitchell, an appropriate title since he lives in the charming little hamlet of Floyd, VA. It boasts a population of about 500 people, nestled