• Mike Hartgrove purchases Bauc’s fiddle

    Mike Hartgrove, fiddler with the Lonesome River Band, is proud of his latest instrument acquisition.  "I have some really exciting news! I bought Terry Baucom’s fiddle! The fiddle that he played with Charlie Moore, and also with the original Doyle Lawson

  • Sammy and Mike honor Steve Martin

    Sammy Shelor and Mike Hartgrove of Lonesome River Band were invited to perform at last night's gala honoring Steve Martin with the 43rd American Film Institute’s Life Achievement Award. They were featured onstage with comedian/actor Martin Short singing the song, Friend Of Mine. While

  • Bein’ Country from Acoustic Blue

    Acoustic Blue has released a new recording, Bein' Country, their fifth album over a ten year history. The band consists of Shaun Batho on guitar, Corey Zink on mandolin, Lary Neu on banjo and Ray Evans on bass. Vocals are shared

  • Mike Hartgrove returns to LRB

    Fiddler Mike Hartgrove is rejoining Lonesome River Band starting in January '08. Mike had been a member of LRB for three years before leaving to work with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver in 2005, his second stint with that group. He

  • Doyle Lawson adds new band members

    Doyle Lawson commented yesterday afternoon on his bulletin board that he is hiring fiddle player and bass singer Alan Johnson (formerly with BlueRidge) to take Mike Hartgrove's place, and banjo player Chris Warner (formerly with Jimmy Martin) in place of

  • Fiddle instruction from Mike Hartgrove

    Veteran fiddler Mike Hartgrove called yesterday to let us know that he will be leaving Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver as of March 17, 2007. His future plans include pursuing a career teaching fiddle full time. Mike said he has been teaching

  • Trading fiddlers

    The annual fall rotation of band members continues, as this weekend marks the official start of fiddlers Mike Hartgrove with Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver and Jesse Stockman with The Isaacs. Mike returns to Quicksilver almost two years to the day that