• John Starling and Carolina Star Day in DC

    Adrian Fenty, the Mayor of The District of Columbia, has issued an official proclamation designating February 23, 2007 as John Starling and Carolina Star Day in the District. The text of the proclamation reads: WHEREAS, the greater Washington, D.C.-area has become one

  • Straight From The Porch

    We got a new CD recently that will appeal to folks who like to hear simple old time and folk melodies played on stringed instruments, in an unassuming, relaxed style. It's called Straight From The Porch, and comes from

  • ResoSummit in Nashville 11/07

    Rob Ickes has announced a four day resophonic guitar summit in Nashville this fall. Billed as ResoSummit, it will include workshops and performances, and a hands-on experience is promised for all students. Instructors tapped to participate in addition to Rob are

  • Beard/Auldridge on BluegrassCountry.org

    Recently, Katy Daly and Jen Hitt of WAMU and BluegrassCountry.org traveled to Hagerstown, MD with Mike Auldridge to visit the shop of resonator guitar maker Paul Beard. They recorded their discussions with Beard and put them together to broadcast as

  • John Starling & Carolina Star

    Hard core fans of bluegrass supergroup Seldom Scene are inclined to the sort of internecine squabbles that occur among folks fiercely loyal to their favorite sports team. To wit, the familiar arguments about which edition of the team was the

  • The Skylighters debut CD released

    A couple of familiar names may entice you to consider the debut, self-titled CD from The Skylighters, a DC-area band who combine bluegrass, western swing, gospel and honky-tonk music. Jimmy Gaudreau on mandolin/vocals and Mike Auldridge on dobro will catch

  • Remembering Uncle Josh

    Over the next few days, we hope to publish a number of brief tributes to Josh Graves from resonator guitarists whose own music was shaped in part by Josh's. This first comes from Mike Auldridge: Josh Graves influenced my life beyond mere