• Summertown Road construction complete

    Thanks to Karen Kouns of Main Street Entertainment we have learned of the formation of Summertown Road, a fresh and creative new band from that bluegrass music hotbed, the Ashland area of Kentucky. The name, Summertown Road, came from a Marty

  • Marty Raybon – This, That and The Other

    We heard recently from Daniel Grindstaff, banjo picker with Marty Raybon, with news about Marty's new CD and the band's recent travels. As many of our readers are aware, Raybon got his start as a bluegrass artist in Florida performing with

  • New Marty Raybon CD in the works

    Marty Raybon is about to start work on his next bluegrass CD. He will be including a number of new songs he has written, and is in the process of gathering additional material now. No title has been discussed as yet,

  • Matt Leadbetter to Marty Rabon

    We just got a note from Uncle Phil - Phil Leadbetter, that is - dobro man with Grasstowne, and proud papa of fellow resonator guitarist Matt Leadbetter. We reported over the weekend that Matt had left Lonesome River Band, largely to

  • Paul Williams Pt 2 – GrassCast #54

    Listen now: (IE users click to activate) This week on The GrassCast we continue our interview with bluegrass legend Paul Williams. Last week we took a look at Paul's background in the music business, how he got started, and

  • Marty Raybon’s Chicken and Pickin’

    Last night John and I attended a showcase hosted by Marty Raybon and his band Full Circle. The show was a media event, by invitation only, designed to generate the kind of post I'm writing right now. While I've known

  • Marty Raybon – The Grass I Grew Up On

    Marty Raybon will be releasing two new CDs later this month. The Grass I Grew Up On is a bluegrass CD and When The Sand Runs Out will be simultaneously released as a country project. Singles from both projects have