• Matt Leadbetter to Marty Rabon

    We just got a note from Uncle Phil - Phil Leadbetter, that is - dobro man with Grasstowne, and proud papa of fellow resonator guitarist Matt Leadbetter. We reported over the weekend that Matt had left Lonesome River Band, largely to

  • Paul Williams Pt 2 – GrassCast #54

    Listen now: (IE users click to activate) This week on The GrassCast we continue our interview with bluegrass legend Paul Williams. Last week we took a look at Paul's background in the music business, how he got started, and

  • Marty Raybon’s Chicken and Pickin’

    Last night John and I attended a showcase hosted by Marty Raybon and his band Full Circle. The show was a media event, by invitation only, designed to generate the kind of post I'm writing right now. While I've known

  • Marty Raybon – The Grass I Grew Up On

    Marty Raybon will be releasing two new CDs later this month. The Grass I Grew Up On is a bluegrass CD and When The Sand Runs Out will be simultaneously released as a country project. Singles from both projects have