• More photos from Loudoun

    As promised, here are more of Frank Baker's photos from last weekend's Loudoun Bluegrass Festival. This batch captures the competition, the barn dance and the overall Loudoun vibe. This weekend, Frank will be snagging images at Gettysburg. Look for those

  • Paisley studio shots

    Tom Mindte of Patuxent Music sent along these photos of Danny Paisley in the studio with the Southern Grass, taken by Michael G. Stewart. They are tracking this week for a new album to be released on Pauxent later this year.

  • Wayne Taylor recovering at home

    Bluegrass singer, songwriter, guitarist and band leader Wayne Taylor is now at home and recovering nicely after being hospitalized last week with an acute intestinal condition. Taylor heads his own group, Wayne Taylor & Appaloosa, and is well-remembered for his many

  • Mark Delaney to Appaloosa

    Wayne Taylor has announced that Mark Delaney will be the new banjo player in Appaloosa, starting in February 2011. He takes the spot recently vacated by Lee Marcus, who has left the group to attend college. Mark has worked recently with