• Mac Wiseman turns 92

    Mac Wiseman, known worldwide as "The Voice with a Heart," turned 92 yesterday. He hosted a birthday get-together at his home this past Saturday with about 50 close friends and family members in the Nashville area. They told stories, sang songs,

  • Songwriter’s Backstory Vol. 5 – ‘Tis Sweet

    This month’s Songwriter’s Backstory features the bluegrass and country standard, 'Tis Sweet To Be Remembered, by American bluegrass star, Mac Wiseman. Internationally referred to as ‘the voice with a heart’, Wiseman is one of the original architects of the bluegrass

  • Mac Wiseman on I Sang The Song

    What would you call a chat with one of our first generation bluegrass icons who, at 91 years of age, is still writing and recording new music. I had the chance today to speak with the great Mac Wiseman about

  • Remembering Mac Wiseman with Peter and Thomm

    Mountain Fever Records is especially excited to announce details about an upcoming project, a new album featuring songs from the life of the great Mac Wiseman. I Sang The Song (Life Of The Voice With A Heart) doesn't release until January of

  • Mac Wiseman to be inducted into NCAMAI HOF

    This Saturday (3/12) in Pigeon Forge, TN, the North American Country Music Association International will host its 2016 Hall of Fame Show at the Country Tonite Theater. Among the artists being inducted into the NCAMAI Hall of Fame this year is

  • Mac Wiseman – All My Memories Fit for Print

    I just picked up this wonderful, DENSELY PACKED bio of Mac Wiseman, All My Memories Fit for Print, from County Sales. It’s just riveting if you’re into the history of bluegrass and country music, radio, recording, promoting, the music “biz,” and the